Grassroots Motorsports Magazine
$1500 and $2001 Challenge Champions

The car started out as a junked 1974 MG Midget.
This car (with a little work) won the 1999
$1,500 Challenge, and then went on to
defend the title in the $2001 Challenge
on January 27, 2001.

The engine was replaced with an all aluminum, 16 valve,
ported and polished, 2 litre, nitrus injected,
Chevy Cosworth engine with an estimated
200+ horsepower!

After about 1,000 man/kid hours and $1,995.43,
we had built an unbeatable race/show car.
1st place: Drag race, 12.81 1/4 mile
1st place: Concours (show)
1st place: Autocross (pylon racing)
Now we have time to figure out how to
spend the rest of the budget ($6.57) for
the 2002 Challenge!

The moral to the story:
Through teamwork, hard work, creativity and a vision,
we proved that when we're on an equal financial playing
field ($2,001 limit), we're unbeatable! Imagine what
The World's Fastest Clown could do
with some "real" money!

Special THANKS to the team members!

Smoking the Competition
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