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Nissan 343 Coop
The engine...


Wanting to stay within the $1,000 budget, we kept the untouched (internally and not removed from the car) 175,000 mile engine. For inexpensive mods we purchased a set of Pacesetter headers (wouldn't recommend/ not tuned or even close to port matched) for $150 off the net and built the custom intake manifold/plenum for about $10. For appearance everything was either glass beaded and clear coated or powder coated at the cost of about $20. The powder coating was done in the house garage with the powder coating gun and supplies coming from Eastwood (GREAT company/supplies for the builder/restorer) and the use of an old $50 house oven. To dress up the engine, stainless steel hardware was used on all non stress applications. Note the custom hinges that make this the only 300ZX with a front tilting hood; this was needed to clear the intake.

We were obviously successful with a show winning appearance but we were not sure on the 1/4 mile potential. The results... a 14.62 (With NOS in 2003, a 13.64, in 2004 a 13.02) with an unfortunate -4 degrees of camber on each rear wheel. We ran out of time to modify the rear suspension to eliminate the camber for the drags; the negative camber came from lowering the car. For 2003 we modified the inner mounting point of the lower arm to bring our rear camber to about 0, and our times dropped... the NOS helped as well....

Home made intake including a $4 PVC pipe!
The stock plenum was cut with a sawzall to get the mounting
piece to build upon, it was then ported and shaped into velocity stacks.
We successfully built a cold/forced air, low restriction induction.

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