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Nissan 343 Coop
The interior...


The complete interior was gutted, including the 2-day removal of the sound deadening material and the metal covering Nissan bolted on top of it all (50 lbs)! The doors were cut to the bare skin which saved about 40 lbs per door. Window frames were made to hold lexan windows per the drag strip rules. A used go-cart seat, 20-year-old shoulder harness and a newly re-webbed (Safe-Quip, see link above) lap belt were used. The steering wheel was purchased at a swap meet for $10, the wink mirror for $3. The oil pressure/water temp gauge came out of a junked Mini (no value); yes this car has MORE Mini parts in it then the "new" MINI! The fuel pressure gauge is a 12 year old Autometer blower gauge valued at $10. A $5 can of black dashboard paint made the dashboard and emergency brake lever look new again. The side mirror is an old motorcycle mirror (no value). A team member made the shift boot cover, the plate is a powder coat blend red/orange/yellow. The watertight glove box/zip lock bag that is duct taped to the driver's door holds the vehicle registration, no value....

Fixing the old dash.

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