Who says racing is just for adults; definitely not The World's Fastest Clown! Revered as the most exciting event ever to happen with kids at the race track, The World's Fastest Clown hosts the DRUG FREE Box Car Races before each of his own races. "What better way is there to get ready for my race then to watch kids have the time of their life racing cars that are modeled around my real race car!" states The World's Fastest Clown.

The racers climb into their racebox and get ready for an event that they will never forget. The green flag drops and they're off! After completing one lap, it's time for the pit stop. Each racer has to go into the pits and sit (pit) on one of the milk crates. The pit crew (parent/guardian) then goes to work. Jacking (lifting) up the front of the car to get to the tires (shoes), the crew member has to take both front tires (shoes) off and put them back on. (Rotating the tires is optional but NOT suggested.) The driver then stands up and races one more lap to the checkered flag! While it sounds easy, it's fast and furious with many cardboard on cardboard crashes. Everyone leaves as a winner with a World's Fastest Clown t-shirt, Coloring and Activity Book, clown nose, and a memory and message that will last a lifetime.