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Figure 8 School Bus Racing!

Mike Guido, The World's Fastest Clown at his first ever figure 8 school bus race. Where better to watch the race then behind the wheel?

Race 1

Race 2
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"Since the invitation to drive in this race I've been very nervous not knowing what I got myself into. But, during the races I concluded that this was the most fun I've had driving anything! It's kind of like going to a family go-cart track with a bunch of friends and then while the staff isn't looking everybody plays "NASCAR" bumper cars. But with this you're in a huge school bus and the staff welcomes bumping, not to mention the crazy intersection in the middle!" explains The World's Fastest Clown. "The other great part of the event was the excitement of the sellout crowd (about 800 of the kids and some adults received World's Fastest Clown noses.) A true family event where the fans were having as much fun as me, well almost..."

If you have never been to one of these races, GO!  
Special thanks goes out to my crew for tearing and ripping into a bus seat to mount the Clowncam!

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