Cartoon Contest Winners

The World's Fastest Clown
Deception of the Century Award

By: Cristi Vecerdea - CRIV


In a war you usually know who the enemy is. In the case of this cartoon it raises the fact that while man was fighting man in many wars, Big Tobacco and our (USA) government were giving our soldiers the death sentence through free and discounted cigarettes. Who would have thought that wars would be a great marketing opportunity for the tobacco companies, evidently they did, and our soldiers are still dying from it. This falls under death by friendly fire, but the fire came from a cigarette lighter. How many other countries did this happen to?

States The World's Fastest Clown, " This cartoon hit me the hardest. My grandfather fought in W.W.II and lived through it just to be killed slowly and painfully by tobacco. Thought provoking cartoons like this is what this contest is all about. This one's for my grandfather "Popeye," Raymond P. Johnson. Rest in peace knowing we're after your killers."