Be a clown!

A Step by Step Make-up Application Tested at Over 150 Miles Per Hour
by The World's Fastest Clown

Whether you want to be a clown or any other type of character that uses make-up, the following instructions will help you look your best! Of course to be real good it takes practice, so you might want to try this at least once before the big night/party.
Good Luck and Have Fun!

First, there are two different types of make-up sold in the stores. One type is water base make-up. Stay away from this type; when you sweat it will run right off your face. The other kind is oil base make-up; that's what I use. After a long, hot, endurance race my make-up still looks great!

Here is a list of the things you will need for a professional look:
1. Make-up (oil base): get the colors you plan on using. I use white, black, blue, red, and my favorite colors, orange and yellow.
2. Baby powder: any brand seems to work good.
3. Q-tips, also known as cotton swabs. I recommend the Q-tip brand for the best results.
4. Make-up brushes: the two brushes you really need are a big soft brush to apply the baby powder and a small fine brush for the outline detail.
5. Cooking oil: this is for removing your make-up at the end of the day. Any type of cooking oil will work; you won't need much so use whatever you have in the kitchen.

Now that you have the supplies, it's time to decide on what type of clown you are going to be and what make-up design you will create. First, there are 3 clown types,
click here to read about them. What type of clown am I? My face paint falls under the category of an Auguste Clown but my beard makes me a Hobo Clown; combined with the fireproof clown suit and the auto racing, I guess I would be a Character Clown.

OK, you have everything, you've decided on the clown type and face,
here we go!

These steps are to become The World's Fastest Clown,
you can modify them to just about any clown face if you choose.

Step 1. Wash your face, make sure it's clean and free of oil. Pull your hair back; I like using a headband .

Step 2. Apply the base coat of clown white with your fingertip. Keep it thin, just enough to cover the color of your skin. Do the design roughly, we will make the edges clean after we add the colors. Remember oil base make-up and be careful around the eyes!

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Step 3. Apply the orange, yellow, and blue. Blend these colors over and into the white with your fingertip. This will give an airbrush effect by blending the colors into the white area. Don't worry about the outside line, in fact make the coverage area a little bit larger than needed.

Step 4. With Q-tips, draw the outline by removing some of the make-up. Consider the Q-tips as pencil erasers. For the sharpest line, I twist the Q-tip tightly between two fingers and then moisten it lightly.

Step 5. With a small brush and red make-up, paint the half circle cheeks. Then apply the baby powder with a big soft brush over all of the make-up. This will set/dry the make-up. Be VERY CAREFUL around the eyes! Then thoroughly brush off the powder. This can make a big mess, you might want to do this over a bath tub or outside!

Step 6. Use a small brush and apply the black outlines and accent marks. One trick to make the black flow smoothly is to heat it. By using a hair dryer on hot, you can get the make-up to almost a water consistency making it much easier to apply. BE CAREFUL IT IS NOW HOT OIL that you will be applying! Next, use the brush around the mouth area, then your finger to apply the rest of the black beard.

Step 7. It's powder time again! Completely powder the entire face, including the areas that were already powdered. Let it set for a few seconds then lightly brush off all of the powder. In order to get the rest of the powder off I use a damp paper towel and lightly pat my face, using a clean area of the paper towel for each pat. Then I use moistened Q-tips again to clean the powder off of the exposed skin area.

Step 8. That's it! Now add a clown nose, fire proof racing clown suit, race car, a great message to be tobacco free, and you're me, The World's Fastest Clown! OK, well maybe the fire proof racing clown suit and race car will be hard to get, but having the look and the message is all you really need!

Click here to see!

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you how to get the make-up off!
First use paper towels with some cooking type oil, then wash the oil off
with some soap. I use the oil and then shampoo for my beard.


If you get made up to look like The Worlds Fastest Clown, or any type of clown, we would love to see it! Please send us a photo.
Email to: Mike Guido