Funky Facts Raceway
FACT 1. The racetracks that the World's Fastest Clown races on have a surface made up of tar and other materials. During each race, the tires on his race car get very hot and stick to the tar surface on the track. Good tires and a good track surface enables The World's Fastest Clown to go extremely fast around corners without sliding off the track.

FACT 2. When a cigarette is inhaled, the smoke carries tar and 4,000 other chemicals to the lungs. The tar is a thick black material just like the tar that is found on the race track. It sticks to the lungs affecting the tiny air sacks that pass oxygen to the bloodstream. In addition, tar can also cause cancer!

Now that you have the facts, print copies of this racetrack and race your friends.

See how fast you can go around the corners without going off the track!