Show us your Nose!

The World's Fastest Clown noses are showing up all across North America! This page will show some of those nose wearing fans and campaign supporters. If you have a World's Fastest Clown nose, put it on and send us a picture to post. Be creative and have fun with it! Send your pictures and a short description of the photo to

Here's the Testosterone Squad from Indiana!
Left to right are...
Chris, Jim, Jonathon, and Marshall, squad members not pictured are Monte and Stan.
Jim wrote to The World's Fastest Clown:
We unanimously agreed that having a great (and funny) website, doing magic, and being a clown who drives a race car qualifies you for not only our Man of the Week award but the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, of which you're only the second recipient ever. I'm sure you care, receiving a theoretical award from a bunch of nerds whom you'll never meet, but the point is that you're doing a lot of things right and you deserve to be congratulated for it.
Anyway, great site and great message. I'm studying to be a teacher, and I can say honestly that with more positive role models like you, the kids I come in contact with would have a lot less problems and a lot more reasons to be happy about life.

Did he say "bunch of nerds", with those noses on they sure don't look like nerds! What a great group; but, I'm worried about Chris, look at his ears, and what's with the fire extinguisher... I wish you guys the best in everything you do in life. Please keep an eye on Chris.
The World's Fastest Clown

Smoking the Competition
Not Tobacco