Campaign Information

DRUG FREE! Racing (DFR), is based in Palm Bay, Florida. DFR is a national drug prevention organization that targets North America's elementary school children with a BE TOBACCO FREE! Campaign. This campaign became the #1 rated drug prevention program in elementary schools across North America by using both an entertainer and auto racing to garner the interest of children. DFR features a purpose built role model/real life cartoon character, The World's Fastest Clown (TWFC), to promote a tobacco free way of life.

TWFC, Michael Guido, is a professional racecar driver (20 years) and clown (10 years). Between races (driving in full make-up and costume), he performs his 45-minute BE TOBACCO FREE! Magic Show for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students. The show, which incorporates music, magic, and fun, involves the children in creating a peer pressure to say no to tobacco and yes to life. Creative and entertaining props and magic tricks keep the children thoroughly involved while learning to be tobacco free. He closes the show effectively by pledging in unison with the children: " I hold the key to a tobacco free America (or Canada).. and the key is me." Following the performance, the children are led outside to meet TWFC and see his BE TOBACCO FREE! race car that sits behind the custom school bus transporter. Each child receives a WFC Coloring and Activity Book that keeps the message going long after he has gone. Portions of the Coloring and Activity Book are written and designed on a higher-grade level than those who receive it. This brings the child to their parent/guardian for answers and understanding; this proven approach creates family discussion on the topic of tobacco/drug prevention.

During an eleven-month tour, TWFC performs his magic show in front of approximately 60,000 - 100,000 students. In addition to these shows, TWFC and his message will be seen by hundreds of thousands of children and parents through the media coverage, race events, special appearances, and parades.

The goal of this campaign is to create an opportunity for present and future generations of children to grow up tobacco free through implementing a tobacco free peer pressure in elementary schools. By delivering this message in a creative way, children talk about it for days, think about it for years, and remember it for a lifetime. This approach addresses the fact that young children are the first step in the elimination of the demand for tobacco and other drugs.