The World's Fastest Clown
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Release Date: Immediate

The world's largest anti-smoking
cartoon contest goes on exhibit.

Over 1,000 entries from 47 countries competed in the first ever Worldwide BE TOBACCO FREE Cartoon (drawing) Contest, hosted by America's #1 rated elementary school drug prevention program, The World's Fastest Clown. With 25% of the countries in the world represented, this became the largest anti-drug/tobacco contest ever. Due to the unprecedented quantity, quality and content of the cartoons, it became apparent that their anti-smoking messages should be seen up close and in person. Following the international judging from eight countries, the #1 anti-smoking cartoon in the world, by 25 year old Ali Shah Ali from Tehran, Iran, along with the other winners and top 40 entries, were chosen to become a traveling exhibit. "I never imagined there could be so many ways to express the tobacco free message. The exhibit will have all ages discussing their interpretation of each cartoon, while truly realizing that tobacco is a worldwide killer." states The World's Fastest Clown (TWFC), Mike Guido.

The contest was created to help spread TWFC's message well beyond North America through the campaign's website, While TWFC has been successful reaching thousands upon thousands of children nationwide through his auto racing, magic shows, and media coverage, using the Internet became the next obvious step to reach even more. With the open gateway to the world, the contest universally promoted the campaign's anti-smoking message while exposing the truth about tobacco products. "While the facts of poor health, ruined lives, and painful deaths due to tobacco products are becoming known by the youth in their own country, few are aware of the worldwide devastation. This contest allowed people of all ages worldwide to tell the effects/views of tobacco in their country with one universal language, cartoons. Through the humor and pain seen in these cartoons, the youth will realize that there is a common union throughout the world to be tobacco free!" explains TWFC.

In addition to the exciting website, contest, and exhibit, TWFC is working towards expanding his racing and show program. 

Visit TWFC's website, to see the Cartoon Contest winners and exhibit tour dates, along with some humorous, to the point, anti-smoking tobacco ad parodies and activity pages!