What do the educators think about
The World's Fastest Clown

"I have been involved in education for twenty-four years and have never watched a better performance to benefit children. His message left an impact on the students as witnessed by the expressions on their faces."

Al Pido, Principal, Polk Avenue Elementary School, Lake Wales, Florida

"I cannot tell you how impressed and pleased I was with The World's Fastest Clown's wonderful and meaningful anti-drug presentation. I know kids will long remember The World's Fastest Clown and his drug free message!!!"

Karen Moody, Exec. Dir., CACY-Community Action for Capable Youth, Mansfield Ohio

"Several teachers have expressed to me it was the best program our school has had in its existence. The music, the drug free theme, and the magic were blended together to make the program exciting, funny, and yet meaningful."

David Dunlap, Assistant Principal, Sun'n'Lake Elementary, Sebring, Florida

The media adds...

"The World's Fastest Clown may not be the winner in every car race, but his anti-drug campaign puts him in the win column for the human race."

Patricia Caporale, The Orlando Sentinel

"Guido nails down title of The World's Fastest Clown... The Pied Piper has nothing on The World's Fastest Clown."

Mike Frankel, The Tampa Tribune

"His presence at race tracks sometimes overshadows the race... Guido is revered as the most colorful figure in motor sports... At 130 mph, he truly is The World's Fastest Clown... Run, clown, run."

Don Coble, USA Today/Florida Today

"What makes The World's Fastest Clown is the World's Biggest Heart."

Ken Gordon, News Journal, Mansfield Ohio

The kids add...

"Thank you for a very, very fun day. I'm going to say No to drugs and yes to life."

Veronica, 4th grade

"I didn't think learning about something so real and serious could be fun."

Elizabeth, 4th grade

"You are the funniest clown I've ever seen. I think the show was out of this world."

Benjamin, 4th grade

"I wish the whole world will be drug-free and smoke-free."

Kandice, 3rd grade

and Donnie's mother adds... "I think you have to be the best thing to happen to kids, my son has a new hero. As a parent, the teen years scare me. However, with people like you to help, I think it will be OK."

Everybody else?
They're speechless!