Cartoon Contest Winners
Youth Divisions

Please note: Some of the top youth entries were received very late, after the initial judging. A few of them could have possibly made it towards the grand prize top 10, especially taking their age into consideration! All of the youth are winners for putting such great effort and imagination together to create some wonderful cartoons. Congratulations!

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15 - 17 year old division

By: Mustafa Savas,
age 16, Turkey
By: Andrei "Sopi" Sopon, age 16, Romania
By: Pooya Armaghan,
age 16, Iran

Honorable Mentions

Pooya Armaghan, 16, Iran
Elaine Davis, 16, USA
Soheil Danesh Eshraghi, 17, Iran
Ali Cengiz Gakaloz, 16, Turkey
Can Guvenir, 15, Turkey

Stanciu "S'pic" Ciprian Leontin, 16, Romania
Pruis, 17, Netherlands
Andrei "Sopi" Sopon, 16, Romania
Caesar Wahjudi, 16, USA
Zeynep, 17, Turkey

11 - 14 year old division

By: Mohammad Mirza
Mohammadi, age 14,
By: Daniel Eisenberger,
age 12, Hungary
3rd - Tie
By: Eajaz, age 11,
Hong Kong
3rd - Tie
By: Baris Erdal, age 12,

Honorable Mentions

Dogus Aktan, 11, Turkey
Georgina Hilliard, 12, England
Sergey Lenshin, 13, Russian Federation
Courtney Murphy, 12, USA
Mack Perry, 14, USA

Penny Proctor, 13, England
Keith Streiter, 13, USA
Agacan Suleymanoglu, 12, Turkey
Katie Tang, 13, England
Nelson Wong, 11, Hong Kong

6 - 10 year old division

By: Aljay, age 8,
Hong Kong
By: Kyle Stewart, age 10
By: Balint Qabo, age 7

Honorable Mentions

Carmelle, 10, Hong Kong
Matthew Einarson, 10, USA
Fakab Fanos, 7, Hungary
Suzi Kim, 9, Hong Kong
Aaron Lai, 10, China

Vanda Pickup, 9 Hong Kong
Rachel Renkens, 10, USA
Ralph, 10, Hong Kong
Karl Salcedo, 6, Hong Kong
Angela Sun, 10, China