Hey kids, have you ever wondered about the effects of tobacco on people in other countries? Well, tobacco products kill millions of people worldwide! It doesn't matter what country you're from or what language you speak, tobacco ruins/ends lives everywhere. You might not hear about it as a worldwide problem, but now thanks to the World Wide Web, we can see what's happening in other countries!

One way we can see this is through anti-tobacco cartoons that were designed around the world. The cartoons below come from Istanbul, Turkey!!! A very talented and award winning cartoonist, Kamil Yavuz, uses his artistic talents to spread the anti-smoking message. One great thing about cartoons from around the world is that the cartoons show/reflect some of their country's struggles with tobacco. One of the struggles represented in many of these cartoons is the fight to keep the tobacco supported Formula 1 auto racing out of Turkey. Turkey currently does not allow tobacco advertising and Kamil wants it to stay that way! Hundreds of millions of tobacco dollars are poured into Formula 1 race teams and race events. People are literally dying from smoking so these 80 million dollar race teams can continue to promote their deadly products. How many cigarettes do you think have to be sold for just one Formula1 team to race?

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Kamil is also involved with the youth in a Cartoon Club for kids!
These great cartoons came from the Cartoon Club.

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