The World's Fastest Clown not only drives race cars but he headed the team to build the overall winning entry in the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine 1999 $1,500 Challenge! The "Challenge" was to see who could build the fastest car for $1,500 or less. That $1,500 includes everything from the purchase of the car to the nuts, bolts, paint, tires etc. The competition included a 1/4 mile drag race, show car judging, and an autocross. The nitrous injected 2.0 Vega Cosworth engine in the '74 MGVC Roadster brought the "clown" team a victory in both the drag race and the car show. Finishing third at the autocross was all they needed for a First Overall Victory!

Why did The World's Fastest Clown invest 288 hours of his time into this project? "First, I love a challenge. Actually, I wanted to prove a point; this project is a lot like my drug/tobacco prevention program. I wanted to show that hard work and creativity can produce better results than just throwing money at something. People can't believe we built that car for under $1,500, just like people at first can't believe the impact my program has on the youth. While hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent in the "war" on drugs with minimal results, this campaign has been rated #1 across America with very limited funding, but, with unlimited creativity and hard work." states The World's Fastest Clown.

The World's Fastest Clown's favorite quote that truly represents this drug/tobacco prevention campaign:
"There is one thing stronger then all the armies in the world, and that is an Idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

The car and team will be back for the Grassroots Motorsports
Magazine $2001 Challenge. By spending an additional $501
along with a few hundred more hours of work into this car,
this will once again be the car to beat! Go "Clown Team" Go!
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We won again!
We're Back-to-Back Champions!
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