Worldwide BE TOBACCO FREE Cartoon Contest
Traveling Art Exhibit

The Worldwide BE TOBACCO FREE Cartoon Contest was created and hosted by The World's Fastest Clown to expose the youth worldwide to the universal devastation caused by tobacco products. The response was massive. Entries were received from 47 countries around the world. Both amateur and professional cartoonists of all ages were representing 25% of the countries in the world with their tobacco free message and support. Due to the quality, quantity and content of the cartoons, a traveling exhibit was constructed. From the over 1,000 entries, more than 200 of the entries are original studio quality drawings, each with a different and very creative depiction of the deadly effects from tobacco. Forty six of these entries, along with the overall top ten and the three youth division winners, make up this thought provoking exhibit.

See the winners and some of the best
anti-smoking cartoons in the world!
The display stretches 38 feet featuring 66 unique
and original cartoons from around the world.
Share the creative messages that tobacco
IS a worldwide killer.

Each cartoon is professionally matted and framed. The cartoonists name, country flag, and country name is displayed in each piece.

With over 60 cartoons, spending just 2 minutes at each one equals over 2 hours of thought provoking entertainment and discussion. The impressive quality and the fact that the cartoons are from all around the world keeps the viewer glued to the exhibit. At conventions, it is revisited between meetings and workshops during the duration of the event.

Featured Cartoonists

Luc Vernimmen
Endrigo Zamboni Pinotti
Jaime Huerta
Dong Bo
Han Ensheng
Hong Shun Hai
Yu Hai Lins
Li RunQuan
Ye Ting
Xu Xiao
Virgilio Pibaque "MORRO"
Fernando Pica
Raul Fernando Zuleta
Zvonimir Cacic
Oton Anton Reisinger
Huseyin Cakmak

Hong Kong
Daniel Eisenberger
BaLint Qabo
Ali Shah Ali
Pooya Armaghan
Smaeil Babaei
Soheil Danesh Eshraghi
Mohammad Mirza Mohammadi
Mahmoud Nafissi
Gianni Audisio
Paolo Dalponte
Igor Kiyko
Ciosu Constantin
Lupu Marian
Cristi Vecerdea-Criv
Andrei Sopon "SOPI"

Igor Revyakin
Juli Sanchis I Aguado
Hikmet Cerrah
Baris Erdal
Ali Cengiz Gakaloz
Seyit Saatci
Mustafa Savas
Osman Gural Suroglu
Alexander Avramenko
Vladimir Kazanevsky
Jurij Kosobukin
Vasil Vozniuk
Jorge Blanco
Rachel Renkins
Kyle Stewart
Stanenkovic Srdan

For availability and additional information on the exhibit
write to Mike Guido at

The staff of DRUG FREE! Racing, the sponsors,
judges, and those that have seen the exhibit
would like to sincerely thank ALL of the
cartoonists for their creative works; they
will have a positive influence
on the youth!
Thank You!

"While the facts of poor health, ruined lives, and painful deaths due to tobacco products are becoming known by the youth in their own country, few are aware of the worldwide devastation. This contest allowed people of all ages worldwide to tell the effects/views of tobacco in their country with one universal language, cartoons. Through the humor and pain seen in these cartoons, the youth will realize that there is a common union throughout the world to be tobacco free!"
The World's Fastest Clown.

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